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Scott Edward Customized Knit Golf Club Covers 4 Counts for Woods Fit Drivers(460CC) Fairways Hybrids/Utility

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Scott Edward Sporting GoodsPackage detail:
Set of 4 PCS packed, Driver Wood(460cc) Cover x1, Fairway Wood Cover x2, Hybrid(UT) Cover x1. With rotating 4 number tags(available #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#X,#UT).
Would you want to know?
Material:Anti-wrinkle anti-pilling, soft Acrylic yarn
Fetures:double-layers knitted.Individualized Looking and Washable.
Suitable for:Leisure life style.both Male/Female Golfers.Washable to keep ever new look.
Weight:0.45 lb
Product Attributes:
Individualized Looking: distinctive pattern,cutest fluffy pom pom,long neck, decorate your golf bag ,Great Protector:double-layer knitted thick Acrylic Yarn material,protect club head and shaft away from scratches and stains ,Fits Well: made of soft&elastic material ,fit snug for golf club head,easy to put on and off. ,High Quality: handmade knit,anti-pilling,anti-wrinkle and washable. ,Nice Gift: best gifts for any golfer in holidays.
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