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Scott Edward

Scott Edward Air Golf Practice Balls, Bright Multicolor and Lightweight Sponge Ball, 20 Pieces, Golf Training Indoor and Outdoor, for Backyard Hitting Mat, Soft for Children, Pets

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Scott Edward Sporting Goods

  • Light and Soft: 0.08 oz/2.3g per pcs Sponge golf practice balls
  • Bright Colors: Fresh rainbow stripes,easy to see and find in the grass.
  • Cute and Safe: Made of soft dimpled foam, for kids and pets plays
  • Golf Training: Hitting and swing pratice, soft for indoor and outdoor
  • Diameter: 1.52 inches, smaller than a golf ball.
Recent Reviews ( 1 )
About a year ago, I bought a random Amazon set of cat toys for my cats. A small, rainbow striped foam ball became the favorite of my handsome boy, David "Batman" Blaine. He loved that ball. He carried it around, cuddled it while he slept, and pretended to violently murder it for hours on end.One day, the ball just disappeared. I couldn't find it anywhere. Little Batman became morose and had violent mood swings, and slept more than usual. So I did what any pet owner would do, I googled "foam rainbow ball" and this is what I found, the exact rainbow ball that was in the grab-bag of random cat toys.Little duder had a short-circuit when I dumped them all on the floor. Went cross eyed and got stuck all contorted for a bit. Best cat toys ever. My other cat, Lumpy Space Cat, likes them too.The only problem is that they put all the balls in my my work shoes at night, so in the morning I have to empty my shoes of foam rainbow balls.