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Knit Golf Head Cover

Protect Golf Club

Knitted Golf Covers are made by thick acrylic, by unique double-layer knitted method, make the protection functions increased double time than before. Keep your golf club from scratches, dust and the collision between golf clubs.

Decorate Golf Bags

Classical pattern with argyles, stripes, distinctive Skull, Crown, Daisy with bright and beautiful color combinations. Show your bags and clubs in extraordinary talents, attract others attention with admire.

Increase golf pleasure.

Cute fluffy big pom pom on your club, keep your playing more pleasant. Merry competition in Golf course needs such a interesting cover.

Usage Way:

1.Open package, put out the products, spread them, according to the size to distinguish driver,fairway,and hybrid.

2.Rotating the number tags into the correct number, 1 is for driver, 3/4/5 is for fairway.7/9/11 and UT is for hybrid.

3.Put the covers from the top to down. At the beginning, the covers would be a little tight for your club,after used 2-3 times,it would be loose than before.Please use it gently as it’s soft.

Routine Attention

1.Avoid sharp objects in life,such as knife,bough,shears and so on.

2.Avoid long time exposed to the sun and rain.

3.Put them in the cool and ventilated place,avoid tear them.

4.Wash it by hand or machine,both are ok.Don’t bleach or soak for long time