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Scott Edward 1pcs Pair of Durable, Breathable, Non-Slip Golf Gloves for Women - Enhance Your Game!

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Scott Edward Sporting Goods

Product Information:

Product name: Golf gloves women's microfiber cloth

Size :

Specification :1 pair

Material: Microfiber cloth, Lycra

Color: White pink

Performance: non-slip, wear-resistant, absorbent, breathable

Product features:

1. Anti-slip and wear-resistant, excellent performance: imported microfiber cloth + anti-slip silicone comfortable breathable more anti-slip enhance the sense of hand grip, so that the players play a better state.

2. Elastic interface design: elastic fabric is used at the interface, which has stronger elasticity; It's gonna be soft no matter how you swing.

Tip: Glove size is determined by combining height and the length from the tip of the middle finger of the palm to the root of the finger.

(One size larger for fat hands and one size smaller for thin hands)

Please note that the data in the table is the average size, the size is measured manually, and there is some error, which is within the normal range.


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